21 day Wellness Challenge

Figuring out you need to change and changing are two majorly different entities.

Intentional living, for me, is having a strong belief system in which your lifestyle aligns. I always have a strong opinions but seldom live according to them. Intentional living is “walking the walk”.

So over the last couple of months as a stay at home mom, I have read up on how I want to live. I haven’t made huge changes. There are just too many excuses and habits to crutch against and I will spare you of them.

In order to change you must be accountable and determined. I have partnered up with a gym buddy and I plan on documenting my journey. Now that I’m finally feeling better and have gotten all the colds and flu out of the way, I really appreciate my health and being able to move around. So I obviously have weight-loss goals but wellness encompasses so much more than less numbers on a scale.

So overall health for me involve- physical, spiritual, financial, mental and relationships.


Budgeting, establishing a savings, paying off debt. A lot of this falls on my husband as he is the one actually earning the money. My job is to utilize his money wisely, which quite frankly I suck at. I have lots of methods and have an interest in frugal living, but it’s an effort to follow. Unless you are inherently cheap, spending money is fun and in my opinion liberating (& dangerous).


Not only going to church, but serving and getting involved with the church community. Being consistent about my intention log and gratitude journal.


Really engaging in family time. Investing time in worthwhile relationships and conversations. Making quality time with each child a priority. My relationship with my husband is great but if I could improve in an area it would be doing more selfless acts.


Personal development videos are so easily obtainable nowadays. YouTube offers a plethora of videos and Ted talks. Staying sharp by engaging in personal development books or videos, learning a new craft or skill, and being mindful of what I watch in general. Is it stimulating my brain or my drama muscle.

I find that focusing on at least 2 goals in all areas is obtainable and not overwhelming. Overall wellness is obviously important because not only should you be a whole centered human, each category supports the other and leads to greater chance of success. If you are questioning why 21 days? Supposedly, it’s 3 weeks to make or break a habit. So I am aiming for consistency.

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