I need to lose weight

I once heard-

Your why needs to be bigger than your what.

The why has to be so inspiring that it continues to motivate you day after day. The why may not even be obvious and will be different for everyone.


I need to lose weight.

About 80 lbs.


I feel awful.

I am tired all the time.

I am not sure how much my eating habits affect my mood.

I am worried that I will have irreversible consequences.


I am tired of not wanting to take pictures.

I have so few pictures with my family, especially with my kids.

My insecurity holds me back from being sociable and tends to leave me with a chip on my shoulder.

I am worried my children will be embarrassed of me.

These are some of my (very honest) WHYS.


Tomorrow I will be starting a new regimen.


Eating healthy, taking supplements, and exercising.

I will also be adding in exercising a healthy mindset.

Remembering my why, choosing my struggle versus result, and surrounding myself with motivation that excites me!

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